DSC_4012 bCommercial or charter airline passengers travelling in groups of at least 5 – yacht charterers/divers; sports teams; musical bands and other entertainers, and like groups – can easily be assisted by having ASBVI intervene to have your Immigration and Customs processing expedited. This effectively gets you through these arrival screening processes with reduced waiting and gets you on your way to your accommodations much quicker and with far less fanfare.

For the Immigration clearance clients simply furnish copies of the travel documents of all arriving passengers prior to the arrival, along with details of accommodations. The modified service (as there is no immigration control at this point) is repeated upon the passengers leaving the Territory, from check-in to final departure.

The information may be submitted to us via e-mail, facsimile, any of our social media links, or by phone-in for those preferring to used this method.

These passengers will invariably have numerous pieces of baggage. We invite you to afford us the opportunity to facilitate and greatly simplify your baggage clearance through Customs. All that is required is a designated person in the group to identify the pieces of luggage to our personnel accompanying them at the baggage collection carousel.

DSCN3712Our personnel will task themselves with the passing of the baggage through Customs, while one person in the group interfaces with the Customs officer.

We are confident that this service is likewise particularly suited to persons arriving on private and corporate aircraft and extend a warm welcome to them to engage us in the provision of these services. Please indicate your desire for assistance on our “Services request form” found on our Forms and Information Booklets page.