DSC_3994 bFor each and every airline that ASBVI represents in The Virgin Islands an incoming flight is welcomed onto the parking apron by our field staff who marshal the aircraft to its designated safe parking spot, where it is secured by parking blocks. As our baggage handlers occupy themselves with unloading baggage, the service attendants of the airline assist the airline personnel (flight attendant or pilots) with having passengers disembark and escorted to the arrival lounge for Immigration and Customs screening.

Our baggage handling team efficiently and with due care and attention deposits baggage on the baggage carousel for collection by arriving passengers.

Meanwhile our baggage handlers methodically and carefully load baggage onto the outgoing flight, being careful to follow all safety regulations.

There are occasions when we are called upon to have our agents assist flight crew with the disembarkation of arriving passengers and seeing them to Immigration and Customs processing. Our agents are also at times required to escort passengers to departing flights. We are always mindful of the need to conduct all of these services with attention to safety and adherence to strict codes of practice set by the Airport Authority.BAGGAGE HANDLING 2

Travelers prize proper and efficient handling of their baggage. The commercial or charter airlines which shuttle them are themselves very concerned about this aspect of the travel experience. So too are those passengers riding on private and corporate jetliners. Cargo airlines need the assurance of having the cargo they transport to the airfield be handled with due care and attention.

At ASBVI we have a well trained staff that is dedicated to handling baggage with care and in a prompt manner. We realize that baggage contains valuables and so are mindful to treat them with due care and attention.

We are fully equipped with the requisite towing vehicles and accompanying baggage carts to efficiently offload and load any commercial, charter, private or corporate and cargo aircraft at full capacity.

We recognize the critical importance of ensuring that baggage remains dry and not be over-exposed to the elements. We are equipped with the necessary equipment, complete with impermeable covering to deploy when necessary.

Over our long standing dedication to providing this critically important service to The Virgin Islands passenger travel (and cargo) industry – over a period of 2 decades plus – we have effectively handled hundreds of thousands of pieces of baggage and cargo and have met the baggage handling needs of such commercial operations as Air BVI (a now non-operational national airline) Caribbean Star, LIAT, Winnair, Cape Air, among others.

In more recent years we have been steadily engaged to meet these needs in respect of many of the private and corporate airline operations in and out of the Territory.

BAGGAGE HANDLING 1Further, we have undertaken these services for cargo airlines as well and continue to do so; and count loyal clients such as Four Star Cargo among those with whom we have business rapports dating back over decades. We also provide a ground service through which we deliver cargo to customers on behalf of the cargo companies.

Our baggage handling services incorporate bulk baggage transfer direct to (and from) water transport vehicles for those individuals arriving and departing via private and corporate jetliners.

Come and experience the ASBVI touch as you entrust the handling of your baggage to us while you proceed unencumbered through arrival and departure processing.