BVI-MAPThe Virgin Islands, an Atlantic Ocean/Caribbean Sea archipelago strewn over 30 miles counts a total area of 58.09 square miles (150.45 kilometres) comprised of 4 main islands and dozens of smaller islets and cays. The islands, a British Overseas Territory are commonly referred to as The British Virgin Islands, perhaps as an attempt to differentiate them from very close neighbours, the United States Virgin Islands.

The attractive chain of islands lies at coordinates Latitude 18 degrees North and Longitude 64 degrees West and are 30 minutes flying time from Puerto Rico and St. Maarten, and 2½ and 3½ hours out of Miami and New York respectively. Flights originating in Central and South American connect easily via Puerto Rico and St. Maarten. From Europe, the islands lay at 8 hours from London and 9 hours from mainland cities like Paris, Brussels, Madrid and Frankfurt, while at an additional hour or two from Eastern Europe cities.

The climate is year-round inviting and the inhabitants warm and welcoming. The environment remains generally pristine though efforts could be stepped up to restore it closer to its former state of unbroken serenity and tranquility.

The Virgin Islands offers a fascinating backdrop for varied leisure activities, including exquisite diving and snorkeling, tantalizing sailing and relaxing swimming – while affording the framework and ever developing culture for upscale business transacting.

Come discover what has become an irresistibly attractive destination tosome of the world’s most accomplished repeat visitors, many of whom have second homes here, and more recently to some of the most globally established and renowned business professionals. Come explore the vast possibilities. We welcome you and would be honored and pleased to be your Virgin Islands contact to facilitate your visit in every regard and make it maximally rewarding and inescapably memorable. Please peruse our diverse information provided herein and be sure to familiarize yourself with our essentially all-inclusive range of services, any and all of which we eagerly await your contact to be able to assist you with.