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DSCN3712The Virgin Islands are small physically and serviced by 3 airports, only one of which – the main one – is used for regional connections. This hub, Terrence B. Lettsome International Airport, is in reality a small airfield housing a runway of 3,957feet (1,206 metres) with average terminal facilities. This notwithstanding, the airfield is constantly bustling with connecting commercial flights from throughout the Caribbean region which bring residents and visitors alike from major US and European destinations. This service, accounting for a great part of the traffic into and out of the airfield is operated by several small scale commercial airline companies, some based locally and others with regional affiliation. There are also a reasonable number of small airlines offering charter flights to some of the islands within the Caribbean region. Cargo planes also account for relatively minor traffic into the airfield.

Please consult the information sheet entitled “Key Factors to Consider Before Conducting Aircraft Operations at the T. B. Lettsome International Airport” for complete specifications on the Airport and Airspace, and pilot restrictions, as provided by the British Virgin Islands Airports Authority (BVIAA), the Government Statutory Body which operates the airport. Please click our Forms and Information Booklet page to access the information. This information is of paramount importance to all aircraft operators.

Notwithstanding the fact that the airfield cannot cater to direct commercial flights from mainland US and Europe, in the past decade and a half the Airport has been increasingly servicing small to medium sized private and corporate jetliners used by wealthy persons with business and leisure interests in The Virgin Islands and their accompanying business associates or guests. These aircraft attain the airfield directly from many eastern shore board locations in the US and from as far as the UK and several mainland western European cities. At peak moments – the Christmas season being such an occasion –it is by no means rare to have upward of 15 such private or corporate jetliners dotting the tarmac of the airfield.

DSCN3713Discussions continue on a government proposal to construct and develop a dedicated terminal reserved to meet the needs of this growing demand on the part of these high net worth individuals and their associates and friends. In the interim, the current terminal facilities cater handily to this clientele.

Refueling capacities exist at the airfield and jet fuel rates are comparable with those at other regional airports. This is of particular importance to the various operators of private and corporate jetliners who may at times require these facilities.

The terminal offers a VIP Lounge, where passengers may await their departure in heightened comfort while having access to all the amenities offered there. These include centrally regulated air conditioning, the availability of refreshments, separate restroom facilities, comfortable and relaxing seating, in-house television screens, complimentary reading material, and free Wi-Fi connection, to enable direct Internet access for business or other reasons. Another advantage of using the VIP lounge is that invariably patrons may encounter local government officials or other regional and international dignitaries and may be able to exchange ideas and share the wait with these persons.

DSCN1499ASBVI is proud to announce that we have been designated by the government of the Territory to manage the VIP Lounge and as a rule of thumb ensure that we offer services within a cozy environment befitting of the clientele to whom the Lounge is earmarked to cater. It would be our pleasure to receive you at and attend to your needs in the VIP Lounge, and we are always sure to have patrons introduced to government officials and dignitaries where permissible.

We invite you, as you make The Virgin Islands your destination of choice, to choose us as your professional Virgin Islands companion to see to all you needs and guarantee you a smooth, hassle-free stay in our wonderful country. After all, we pride ourselves on being “flights above the rest on the stairway of service”; an expression that we consider embodies the level of service we aspire toward and endeavor to attain for each and every one of our clients – and one which we trust inspires potential clients to enter into professional relations with us.

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