il-loblolly-webEvery day, nationals of our Territory and others who call these lovely islands home depart the islands via the airport and return via the airport. Every day, regional and international visitors – whether for business or leisure – arrive at our shores via the airport. The carriers who transport them; whether commercial or charter require an entire gamut of services to ensure the smooth flow of their operations, and to secure the safety and contentment of their passengers.

The burgeoning phenomenon of private and corporate air travelers frequenting our shores has added a new and welcomed dimension to the industry and has augmented the need for the provision of these services, while requiring services that are of a specialized nature. This has necessitated a constant evolution in the industry and has assisted in heightening our focus, expanding our services offering and has acted as a continuous invigoration to our determination to serve the industry with dedication and profound commitment, thus striving to deliver immaculate service for all clientele.

Air cargo carriers add another dimension to the baggage handling and delivery services required and are an important arm of the industry.

The range of services necessitated by these airline operations – irrespective of the type – are indispensible and without them being provided by independent contractors, called Fixed Based Operators (FBOs), the net effect would be excessively long delays that would inevitably stymie the smooth operation and steady growth of airline transportation, whether for passengers or cargo.

il-nannycay-webASBVI is proud to be associated with the provision of such vital services – services that are of paramount importance to the innate human desire to travel, as well as to the movement of goods to a lesser extent. The services are performed mainly at what is for the Territory its primary port of entry for air transportation and are therefore of sound relevance from an economic standpoint as well as on various other fronts.

ASBVI recognizes that the industry in which it operates requires moment by moment commitment to a standard of safety that is not open to being compromised. We appreciate the serious nature of the services we deliver and pledge to always undertake each and every service we provide in an atmosphere of safety, due diligence and keen, focused and unstinting attention to ensure that mishaps are minimized as far as practical and to assure peace of mind to our clientele.

ASBVI operates a zero tolerance policy for carelessness and habitually enforces the practices of vigilance and “safety first” in all that is done within our operations in the industry.

At ASBVI, the safety, comfort and contentment of each and every one of the passengers transported by the customers (airlines) we serve are the catalyst for our complete resolve to serve daily with passion and drive to afford you complete peace of mind and utmost tranquility so that you may freely bask in the warmth and splendor of your stay in our love home.

il-sopers-hole-webWe recognize that the level of our performance translates directly into the quality of experience of all travelers, which determines the profitability of the airlines – commercial, charter, private or corporate. Poor performance on our part has the potential to lead to poor, even devastating results for all stakeholders involved in this highly inter-dependent industry; we perform poorly or inadequately, you lose in many areas. You lose – we lose. Likewise we are aware that our efficient performance is essential to the smooth and profitable business of the cargo airline operations.

We are constantly aware of this unnerving potential and recognize the undeniably important role we play in ensuring the sustainability of the industry; in assuring as far as we are able to that air travel to The Virgin Islands will always remain not only an attractive proposition to travelers, but indeed a practical, enjoyable and fulfilling one. Additionally, cargo airline operators need to rest assured that their interests are properly met and safeguarded by a reputable and capable service provider in The Virgin Islands.

ASBVI invites you to trust us as you Virgin Islands partner in the air travel industry – we understand what is required and we endeavor to deliver as is required. ASBVI invites you to be serviced by us, to have us make your Virgin Islands stopover a unique one.