Our Vision

  • We are determined to be the most highly respected Fixed Based Operator in the Virgin Islands by being creative and aggressive and adapt ive in our approach to all aspects of our industry.
  • We will provide a more experienced and better service and greater value than our competitors. We will become the "First Choice" Fixed Based Operator in t he Virgin Islands.
  • Our business will be built on a foundation that is strong and this will result in long lasting special relationships. Our customers will look to us for a wealth of knowledge in the industry, while expecting us to make good on our promise to deliver as expected.
  • Our business will be looked upon by our employees as a special place to work.
  • Our team is the key to our success. We will foster a culture where our people are empowered to act and support will be always forthcoming and positive.
  • Our people are our role models and our greatest assets, hence every customer situation will be afforded the same high quality level of enthUSiasm, professionalism, integrity and devotion. We will constantly improve through a process of feedback from our customers, others, and a closer critical look at ourselves.